What We Do

Production of carbon dioxide refractories, fused magnesite, and magnesite-dolomite-carbon refractories

Dirgodaz Mehr Aryan Fars is Iran’s largest manufacturer of high grade carbon dioxide refractory products with a capacity of 40,000 tones a year.

Second  fused magnesia manufacturer in Iran with a capacity of 12000 tones a year.

The first and only manufacturer of magnesia -dolomite-carbon refractories in Middle East.


Product Types

:Refractory Bricks

Carbon Oxide Bricks

Magnesia Bricks

Magnesia Chromite Brick

Alumina Bricks


Cold Ramming Mix (EAF) 

Gunning Mix (EAF)

Hot Repair Ramming Mix (EAF)

Tundish Covering Mass

Filling Material (Back of Working Layer)

Top Hole Repairing Mass(EAF)

Chromite Filling Sand (Ladle)

Tap Hole Filling Sand (EAF)

Alumina Castables


Application Area

Steel Making Ladle

Steel Making Electric Are Furnace

Steel Making EAF (Tape Hole)

Steel Making Tundish

Standard Dimensions

Steel Making Ladle

Steel Making EAF

Raw Materials

Fused Magnesia