Who we are

Production of carbon dioxide refractories, fused magnesite and magnesite-dolomite-carbon refractories

Company profile:

The continuous growth of industries such as the steel industry in Iran, and the Middle East and also the need for refractory products for this industry is a good indication of and importance of establishing refractory units in the southern province of the country.

Accordingly, Dirgodaz Mehr Aryan Fars Company with a manufacturing capacity of over 40,000 tons of various refractories containing carbon and 20,000 tons of all kinds of alkaline and alumina masses was launched in Shiraz city capital of Fars province in 2012. We employ the most capable experts in this field and usefully modern equipment.

The first phase of fused magnesia production in Dirgodaz Mehr Arian Fars has started with a manufacturing capacity of over 12,000 tons a year. According to development plans, capacity will reach 50,000 tons per year by 2025.

Research and development :

We are committed to innovation in every aspect of our business with our products and solutions. Our R&D investment and a team of experts are beyond compare. They are using all materials, data, and business models to create effective products.